Courses Offered

Undergraduate Courses Offered in  2016-17

4 Year Curriculum

Mapping of Courses to Programming Learning Outcomes

4 Year Curriculum
Course CodeCourse TitleTermStaff
Year 1 - Core
COMP1117AComputer Programming (ActSc)1Dr.Wei L Y
COMP1117BComputer Programming (Dec Analytics, BBAIS, Minor & 2nd Major)1Dr.Ting H F
COMP1117CComputer Programming (Quant Fin, Minor & 2nd Major)2Dr.Ting H F
ENGG1111AComputer Programming and Applications1Mr.Mitcheson George
ENGG1111BComputer Programming and Applications1Mr.Mitcheson George
ENGG1111CComputer Programming and Applications1Dr.Chan K P
ENGG1111DComputer Programming and Applications1Dr.Chan K P
ENGG1111EComputer Programming and Applications1Dr.Schnieders Dirk
ENGG1111FComputer Programming and Applications1Dr.Schnieders Dirk
ENGG1112Computer Programming and Applications I full year Dr.Chim T W
ENGG1202AIntroduction to computer science1Dr.Schnieders Dirk
ENGG1202BIntroduction to computer science2Dr.Schnieders Dirk
Common Core Courses
CCST9029Cyberspace Crime: Technology and Ethics1Dr.Chow K P
CCST9047The Age of Big Data2Dr.Cheng Reynold
CCST9049From Human Vision to Machine Vision2Dr.Schnieders Dirk
Year 2 - Core
COMP2119AIntroduction to Data Structures and Algorithms (BBAIS, Dec Analytics, Minor, 2nd Major)1Dr.Yiu S M
COMP2119BIntroduction to Data Structures and Algorithms (CS)2Prof.Kao Benjamin
COMP2119CIntroduction to Data Structures and Algorithms (CE, CDA, Minor, 2nd Major)2Prof.Kao Benjamin
COMP2120AComputer Organization (CS)2Dr.Chan K P
COMP2120BComputer Organization (BBAIS & 2nd Major)2Dr.Chung Ronald
COMP2121ADiscrete Mathematics (CS)1Dr.Chan Hubert
COMP2121BDiscrete Mathematics (BBAIS, CE, CDA, 2nd Major)1Dr.Chiribella Giulio
COMP2123AProgramming Technologies and Tools (CS)1Dr.Chui C K
COMP2123BProgramming Technologies and Tools (Dec Analytics, Minor, 2nd Major)1Dr.Cui H.M.
COMP2123CProgramming Technologies and Tools (BBAIS, CE, CDA, Minor, 2nd Major)2Dr.Chui C K
Year 3 - Core
COMP3230APrinciples of Operating Systems (CS)1Dr.Tam Anthony
COMP3230BPrinciples of Operating Systems (CE, BBAIS, 2nd Major)1Prof.Wang C L
COMP3234Computer and Communication Networks2Dr.Tam Anthony
COMP3250ADesign and Analysis of Algorithms 2Dr.Huang Z.Y.
COMP3250BDesign and Analysis of Algorithms (advanced class)2Prof.Lam T W
COMP3278AIntro. to Database Management Systems (CS)1Prof.Cheung David
COMP3278BIntro. to Database Management Systems (BBAIS, CE, CDA, Dec Analytics, EEE, Minor, 2nd Major)2Dr.Chui C K
COMP3297AIntroduction to Software Engineering (CS)1Mr.Mitcheson George
COMP3297BIntroduction to Software Engineering (CE, BBAIS, 2nd Major)2Mr.Mitcheson George
COMP3311Legal Aspects of Computing2Dr.Pun K H
COMP3412AInternship (ISCS5)1Dr.Tam Anthony
COMP3412BInternship (CS) summer Dr.Tam Anthony
Year 4 - Core
COMP4801Final Year Project full year Dr.Chan K P
COMP4804Computing and Data Analytics Project (CDA)1Dr.Ting H F
COMP4805Project (2nd Major)1Dr.Ting H F
Year 2 to 4 - Elective
COMP2396AObject-oriented Programming and Java (CS)1Dr.Wong Kenneth
COMP2396BObject-oriented Programming and Java (BBAIS, CE, Minor, 2nd Major)2Dr.Chow K P
COMP3235Compiling Techniques2Prof.Lau Francis
COMP3258Functional Programming2Dr.Oliveira Bruno
COMP3259Principles of Programming Languages1Dr.Oliveira Bruno
COMP3271Computer Graphics2Prof.Yu Y Z
COMP3314Machine Learning1Dr.Wei L Y
COMP3316Quantum Information and Computation2Dr.Chiribella Giulio
COMP3317Computer Vision2Dr.Wong Kenneth
COMP3320Electronic Commerce Technology1Dr.Hui Lucas
COMP3322Modern Technologies on World Wide Web1Dr.Wu C
COMP3323Advanced Database Systems1Prof.Mamoulis Nikolaos
COMP3327Computer and Network Security1Dr.Hui Lucas
COMP3329Computer Game Design and Programming2Dr.Chim T W
COMP3402System Architecture and Distributed Computing2Dr.Cui H.M.
COMP3404Software Quality and Project Management2Mr.Mitcheson George
COMP3407Scientific Computing2Dr.Choi Loretta