Dr. Kevin K.H. Pun

BSc HK; DipCS Cambridge; MS, PhD Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; LLB, LLM Intellectual Property London; PCLL HK; Barrister-at-Law
Honorary Associate Professor

Tel: (+852) 2859 2186
Fax: (+852) 2559 8447
Email: pun<at>

Dr Kevin Pun had taught at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign after he received his PhD in computer science from the same school. His earlier research works were in database management systems, natural language processing and computer-assisted learning. His research interests have since extended beyond computer science to intellectual property law, the area of specialisation of his LLM obtained from the University of London . His current research works are concerned with legal issues arising from the computing technology and electronic commerce, and the computerization of law.

Dr Pun is a co-director of the Law & Technology Centre jointly established by the Computer Science Department and the Law Faculty, and is currently in charge of two projects under the Centre - the Hong Kong Legal Information Institute (HKLII), a website offering free access to primary legal materials in Hong Kong, and the Community Legal Information Centre (CLIC), a website providing free legal information specifically catered for the general public in Hong Kong. He has been selected seven times for the Computer Science Department annual Teaching Excellence Award since the award was introduced in 1996. In 2002, he became the first member of the Engineering Faculty to be appointed as a University Teaching Fellow, an honour awarded in recognition of his teaching excellence and contribution to university education. During 2000-2011, apart from teaching in the Computer Science Department, he also taught in the Law Department lecturing in Intellectual Property Law and Information Technology Law.

Dr Pun is the author of Software and copyright (Joint Publishing Hong Kong, 1996, in Chinese), the first book on the subject of copyright protection for computer software in Hong Kong, and Annotated Patents Ordinance (Butterworths, 2005). His other works in intellectual property law and information technology law have appeared in journals including European Intellectual Property Review, Computer and Telecommunications Law Review, Intellectual Property Quarterly, International Review of Industrial Property and Copyright Law and Hong Kong Law Journal. He is a frequent speaker and commentator on legal issues relating to intellectual property and information technology. He has been invited to address judges, legal practitioners, business executives, journalists, civil servants, police officers, educators, publishers and other professionals. During 2000-2005, he was appointed by the Vice-Chancellor as the University representative in the Task Force on Reprographic Rights Licensing established by the Heads of Universities Committee, and had played a leading role in drafting submissions on behalf of the education sector in response to the Government's proposals for copyright law reform.

Dr Pun was called to the Hong Kong Bar in 1999. His legal practice has since covered copyright, registered design, trademark, passing-off, patent, trade libel, contract, conveyancing, adverse possession, company and employment disputes. He was the defence counsel before the Court of Final Appeal in Chan Nai Ming v HKSAR [2007] 3 HKC 255, the first criminal case in the world involving the use of BitTorrent on the Internet. Since 2007, he has been appointed by the Chief Executive to sit on the Unsolicited Electronic Messages (Enforcement Notices) Appeal Board.

Research Interests

Information technology law, intellectual property law, e-commerce, e-crimes, computerization of law, computer systems security

Selected Publications

  • Alex YH Fung, Kevin KH Pun, Philip Chung, Andrew Mowbray, Searching in Chinese: the experience of HKLII, Law via the Internet Conference 2011, June 2011, Hong Kong
  • Anne SY Cheung and Kevin K H Pun, Comparative study on the liability for trademark infringement of online auction providers, European Intellectual Property Review, 2009, 31(11): 559-567
  • Anne SY Cheung and K H Pun, Shooting the messenger? ISPs & intermediaries caught in the crossfire, Global Forum Intellectual Property, 2009, IP Academy, Singapore
  • Kevin KH Pun, HW Chan, CF Chong, KP Chow, Lucas Hui, WW Tsang, An unexplored legal issue for the provision of free legal information in Hong Kong, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Law via the Internet, October 2008, Florence, Italy, 151-160
  • Kevin K H Pun, The Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong: Patents Ordinance (Cap 514), Butterworths, 2005, Butterworths Annotated Ordinances Series
  • Kevin KH Pun, BitTorrent - to what extent is the user liable under the copyright laws? , Hong Kong Lawyer, May 2005, 58-68
  • KH Pun, E Chan, KP Chow, CF Chong, J Ma, L Hui, WW Tsang, H W Chan, Cross-referencing for bilingual electronic legal documents in HKLII, 6th Conference on Computerisation of Law via the Internet, Paris, Nov 2004
  • K.H. Pun, Reform of copyright law in Hong Kong: time to redraw the balance, Hong Kong Law Journal, 2002, 32(1): 83-102; revised and reproduced in Hochelaga Lectures 2002, Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2003, 69-88
  • K.H. Pun, L. Hui, K.P. Chow, W.W. Tsang, C.F. Chong and H.W. Chan, Review of the Electronic Transactions Ordinance: can the personal identification number replace the digital signature?, Hong Kong Law Journal, 2002, 32(2): 241-257
  • K.H. Pun, Intellectual property protection of integrated circuits: international developments and the case of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Law Journal, 2001, 31(3): 435-457
  • D. Juan and K.H. Pun, Legal remedies for software copyright owners in China, Computer and Telecommunications Law Review, 2001, 7(6): 149-155
  • D. Juan and K.H. Pun, Practical aspects of software copyright in China, European Intellectual Property Review, 2000, 22(11): 520-527

Recent Research Grants

  • Home Affairs Bureau grant of HK$3,120,000: enhancement of CLIC and HKLII, 2011-2014 (principal investigator)
  • Knowledge Exchange grant of HK$650,000, 2009-2010 (principal investigator)
  • Department of Justice grant of HK$3,180,000: Community Legal Information Website in Hong Kong, 2004-2007 (principal investigator)
  • ITF grant of HK$7,278,000: Secure Preservation of Electronic Documents (SPED), 2002-2005 (co-investigator)
  • ISF grant of $3,576,000: Digital property rights infrastructure - music and publishing industry online copyright protection and content distribution (co-investigator, 1999-2001)
  • RGC grant of $846,000: A comparative study of intellectual property protection for computer software in Hong Kong and China (principal investigator, 1999-2001)