The 15th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing,
Applications and Technologies

December 9-11, 2014 Hong Kong


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PDCAT 2014 Accepted Papers

Prediction of Spatial and Temporal Data: A Web Tool based on Georeferenced Resources
Carlos Roberto Valêncio, Carlos Henrique El Hetti Laurenti, Angelo Cesar Colombini, Luiz Carlos Baida and Fernando Ferrari
Node Allocation in Network Virtualization Based on Distributed Constraint Optimization
Diana Adamatti and Raquel de Miranda Barbosa
TOUGH2-PETSc: A Parallel Solver for TOUGH2
Daniel Hathorn, Yushu Wu and Zizhong Chen
FastICA on Modern GPU Architectures
Max Plauth, Frank Feinbube, Peter Tröger and Andreas Polze
Forced Replicable Execution for a Subset of Piecewise Deterministic Applications with Deterministic Message Passing
Arkadiusz Danilecki
Dealing with Skewed Data in Structured Overlays using Variable Hash Functions
Maeva Antoine and Fabrice Huet
Experimental Performance Analysis of Job Scheduling Algorithms on Computational Grid
Syed Nasir Mehmood Shah
Bandwidth Modeling in Large Distributed Systems for Big Data Applications
Bahman Javadi, Boyu Zhang and Michela Taufer
Fault-tolerant Routing in (n; k)-Star Graphs
Takara Ito, Manabu Myojin, Yuki Hirai and Keiichi Kaneko
Joint Convergecast and Power Allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Yaoxin Duan, Wendi Nie, Kai Liu, Qingfeng Zhuge, Edwin Sha and Victor Lee
Gravitational Search Algorithm using CUDA
Amirreza Zarrabi, Ettikan Karuppiah, Keh Kok Yong, Chuan Hai Ngo and Simon See
Improve LLC Bypassing Performance by Memory Controller Improvements in Heterogeneous Multicore Processors
Jianliang Ma, Meng Jinglei, Chen Tianzhou, Wu Minghui and Liu Li
Towards High-level Parallel Patterns in OpenCL
Jiri Dokulil and Siegfried Benkner
$Kmms$: A New Parallel Density based Clustering Algorithm
Xiaokang Li and Binbin Yu
Fault-Tolerant Routing based on Improved Safety Levels in Pancake Graphs
Yo Nishiyama, Yuki Hirai and Keiichi Kaneko
Benchmarking and Analysis of Variations of Work Stealing Scheduler on Clustered System
Aryabartta Sahu and Saurav Kumar
Online Scheduling of Applications on 3D Stacked Large Chip Multiprocessor
Aryabartta Sahu and Bhoopendra Kumar
A GPU Based Simulator for Large Multicore with Bufferless NoC
Aryabartta Sahu and Navin Kumar
TopicBlock: Mining User Inner Interests for Text and Link Analysis in Social Networks
Wenyu Zang, Peng Zhang, Chuan Zhou and Li Guo
Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication: A Data Mapping-Based Architecture
Ahmad Mansour, Jürgen Götze, Wei-Chun Hsu and Shanq-Jang Ruan
PUF-based RFID Ownership Transfer Protocol in an Open Environment
Xiao-Lin Xu and Qing-Shan Li
Using rCUDA to Reduce GPU Resource-assignment Fragmentation caused by Job Scheduler
Pak Markthub, Akihiro Nomura and Satoshi Matsuoka
Comparison of Binding Approaches of Scheduled Multiphase Application onto Linear Multicore Architecture
Aryabartta Sahu, Nitesh Singal and Sahil Kumar
On The Shallow-Light Steiner Tree Problem
Longkun Guo
Interval Analysis Based Bayesian Tracking of Mobile Primary User in CR Networks
Yuan Jing, Li Ma, Peng Li, Ji Ma, Haoyu Li, Xiaofeng Yang and Bin Niu
Energy-Aware Scheduling for Sensor Node Platforms
Sungwoo Tak, Hangeul Kim, Donglyul Kim and Yougyung Kim
Simulated Annealing to Generate Numerically Stable Real Number Error Correction Codes
Teresa Davis and Zizhong Chen
Compressive Wideband Spectrum Sensing and Separating in Cognitive Radio Networks
Yuan Jing, Li Ma, Ji Ma, Peng Li and Bin Niu
Practical Anonymization for Protecting Privacy in Combinatorial Maps
Dandan Chu, Yidong Li, Tao Wang and Hong Shen
Distributive Interoperable Executive Library (DIEL) for Systems of Multiphysics Simulation
Kwai Wong, David White and Jason Coan
Towards Automated Protocol Identification: A New Perspective
Yafei Sang, Yongzheng Zhang, Yipeng Wang, Yu Zhou and Tao Xu
Access-efficient QoS-aware Data Replication to Maximize User Satisfaction in Cloud Computing Environments
Mohammad Shorfuzzaman
Running Data-Intensive Scientific Workflows in the Cloud
Chiaki Sato, Luke Leslie, Young Choon Lee, Albert Zomaya and Rajiv Ranjan
Conflict-Free Code Block Scheduling to Hide SpMT Inter-Core Register Sync Delay
John Ye, Jason Chen and Tianzhou Chen
New Replication Strategy based on Maximal Frequent Correlated Pattern Mining for Data Grids
Sarra Slimani, Tarek Hamrouni, Hanène Chettaoui and Faouzi Ben Charrada
Simulating Supercomputer Workload with hpcwld Package for R
Alexander Rumyantsev