May 23, 2011

Final Year Project Competition 2011

A final year project competition was held on Monday 23 May 2011 in the Conference Room CB-328 of the Department of Computer Science. Seven competing teams were selected from 41 project teams of 78 students according to the evaluations by FYP supervisors and poster exhibition judges.

We are pleased to congratulate the following winners of the competition:

We are grateful to the following professional experts who serve on the judge panel of the competition. The event would not have been successful without their kind help.

  • Mr Simon H.Y. Chan
    Business Value Assessment Consultant
    Business Process Management Tiger Team
    IBM Software Group, Growth Markets
  • Mr George Li
    Deputy R&D Director
    Digital Home Technology Program
    Enterprise and Consumer Electronics Group
    Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute
  • Mr Kelvin Wan
    Senior IT Training Specialist
    Training & Communications
    HSBC Technology and Services Asia Pacific

We would also like to thank the FYP coordinator Prof. T.H. Tse, the technical staff, and the general office (especially Ms Karen Hung) for their hard work in organizing the event.