March 28, 2011

Canadian Computing Competition (HK Contest) 2011 at HKU

An annual joint event co–organized by the University of Waterloo, Canada and the Department of Computer Science of HKU, Canadian Computing Competition – Hong Kong Contest (CCC–HK) took off for the 7th time. 110 students from 26 local schools hurried to our computer room after a long day of school on March 4, 2011. They had to pick one out of two problem sets, each featuring 5 problems to be solved by programming, which were created through a joint effort between Tsinghua University and our organizing team. Like in previous years, the two top winners of the senior category will travel to Canada in May 2011 (on Waterloo's expense) and represent Hong Kong in the grand final. We congratulate the winners and wish them the best in the final!