August 31, 2010

CS Students Receive More Scholarships for 2009–2010

A few more scholarships were awarded to the following BEng(CompSc) or research postgraduate students of the Department of Computer Science for their outstanding academic performance in the academic year 2009–10:

CHEUNG Tang Lung CS – Yr 3 Eliot Hall Memorial Scholarship
CHU Sai Yiu CS – Yr 2 Starr Hall Well of Ishmael Fund Award
MUI Tin Wing CS – Yr 1 YS and Christabel Lung Undergraduate Scholarship for Engineering Students
LI Hao CS – Yr 2 CMA and Donrs Scholarship
Hong Kong Computer Society Scholarship
Simatelex Charitable Foundation Scholarship
LI Huimin CS – Yr 1 HKU Foundation Scholarships for Outstanding Mainland Students
OR Ping Lam CS – Yr 2 CK Leung Awards for Academic Achievements
TONG Chiu Man CS – Yr 3 Azeus Systems Scholarship
HKMA Information Technology Management Club Scholarship
ZHU Xinghua PhD YS and Christabel Lung Postgraduate Scholarship for Engineering Students