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Our Faculty


Faculty Members Field of Research
Dr. Chan H.T.H., PhD (Carnegie Mellon) Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization, Graphs, Information Networks, Security & Privacy
Dr. Chan K.P., PhD (HK) Pattern Recognition, Chinese Computing, Facial Expression Recognition, Machine Learning
Dr. Cheng R.C.K., PhD (Purdue) Database and Uncertainty Management
Prof. Cheung D.W.L., PhD (Simon Fraser) Data Engineering, e-Commerce Technology
Dr. Chim T.W., PhD (HK) Network Security and Cryptography
Dr. Choi L.Y.K., PhD (HK) Medical Visualization, Geometric Computing, Computer Graphics
Dr. Chow K.P., PhD (UC Santa Barbara) Computer Forensics, Digital Investigation, Data Privacy, Computer Security
Dr. Chui C.K., PhD (HK) Data Mining, Computational Biology, Cloud Computing
Dr. Chung H.Y., PhD (HK) Internet Computing, Video-coding, Video/Image Processing, Real-time Processing
Dr. Hui L.C.K., PhD (UC Davis) Information Security, Cryptography, Electronic Commerce Technology
Prof. Kao B.C.M., PhD (Princeton) Database Management Systems, Data Mining, Real-time Systems, Information Retrieval Systems
Prof. Lam T.W., PhD (Washington) Algorithms, Computational Biology
Prof. Lau F.C.M., PhD (Waterloo) Operating Systems, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Wireless Networks
Dr. Lau V.M.K., PhD (HK) User Interface, Embedded System, Mobile system, Chinese Character, Font and Input Technologies
Mr. Li F.K.F., MSc (HK) Computer Forensics, Malware Analysis
Prof. Mamoulis N., PhD (HK) Spatial Database, Data Engineering
Mr. Mitcheson, G., BSc, MSc (Manc) Software Engineering, Evolutionary Computation and Design
Mr. Ng P.T.L., MBA (Birmingham) Financial Computing
Dr. Pun K.K.H., PhD (Illinois); LLB, LLM (London) Information Technology Law, e-Commerce, e-Crimes, Computerization of Law
Dr. Rahmel J.H., PhD (Kaiserslautern) Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services
Dr. Schnieders D., PhD (HK) Computer Vision, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
Dr. Shum C.D., PhD (California) Financial Computing
Dr. Tam A.T.C., PhD (HK) Cluster Computing, Parallel and Distributed Computing
Dr. Ting H.F., PhD (Princeton) Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Prof. Tse T.H., PhD (London) Program Testing, Debugging, and Analysis
Prof. Wang C.L., PhD (USC) Operating Systems, Virtual Machines, Cloud Computing
Prof. Wang W., PhD (Alberta) Computer Graphics, Computational Geometry, Geometric Modeling
Prof. White B., MS (US) Web Science, Social Media in Education, The Web of Things, and Cloud Computing
Dr. Wong K.K.Y., PhD (Cambridge) Camera Calibration, Motion Tracking
Dr. Wu C., PhD (Toronto) Computer Networking, Cloud Computing
Dr. Yiu S.M., PhD (HK) Bioinformatics, Computer Security and Cryptography
Dr. Yiu S.W., PhD (UC Berkeley) Computer and Network Security
Prof. Yu Y.Z., PhD (UC Berkeley) Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition

Department of Computer Science The University of Hong Kong 香港大學 計算機科學系