IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE 2005)
    October 18-20, 2005, Beijing, China
Oct. 17 15:00 - 18:00 Registration at Conference Hotel
18:00 - 20:00 Welcome Dinner at Conference Hotel (Tsinghua Unisplendour International Center)
    Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4
Oct. 18 08:45 - 09:00 Opening Remarks
09:00 - 10:15 Keynote 1:
Future Trends and Directions for e-Business Engineering
Jen-Yao Chung & Wei-Tek Tsai
Chair: Guoqing Chen
10:15 - 10:45  Coffee Break
10:45 - 12:25 Session 1
Software Architecture for e-Business
Chair: William Cheung
Session 2
Chair: Ying Chen
Session 3
Business Modeling
Chair: Shiwa Fu
Session 4
Mobile and Pervasive Commerce
Chair: Katina Michael
  Evolution of the Intel's e-Business Data Center toward a Service-Oriented
J. He, M. Chang, and E. Castro-Leon

Distributed Policy Specification and Enforcement in Service-Oriented
Business Systems
W. T. Tsai, X. Liu, and Y. Chen

Enabling Customer-Driven Processes in Value-Added Networks Using
an Architecture for E-collaboration
O. Adam, P. Chikova, and A. Hofer

Designing a Material Analysis Collaboratory for the Process Industry
H. de Vos, R. van Buuren, W. Janssen, and A. Tokmakoff
Market Agents with a Sense for Mechanisms
S. Luckner, D. Rolli, C. Momm, and C. Weinhardt

Enable Efficient Stage Construction for Replication Based
Fault-Tolerant Execution of Mobile Agent
Z. Lu, Y. Zhong, G. Zeng, and G. Yang

Exception Handling in Distributed Workflow Systems Using
Mobile Agents
J. Cao, J. Yang, W. T. Chan, and C. Xu

UML Models of Agents in a Multi-Agent E-commerce System
C. Badica, M. Ganzha, and M. Paprzycki
Supporting Web User Interface Prototyping through Information Modeling
and System Architecting
X. Kong, L. Liu, and D. Lowe

A Model Driven XML Transformation Framework for Business
Performance Management
S.-K. Chen, H. Lei, M. Walher, H. Chang, K. Bhaskaran, and J. Frank

Normal Forms and Normalized Design Method for Business Services
Z. Wang, X. Xu, and D. Zhan

An Agile Method of Modeling Business Process Simulation for Virtual
S. W. Cheng, X. F. Xu, G. Wang and Q.L. Li
SCOUT Contextually Organizes User Tasks
D. Sow, M. Ebling, R-P. Lehmann, J. Davis, and L. Bergman

Modeling and Reasoning about Uncertainty in Context-Aware Systems
B. A Truong, Y.-K. Lee, and S.-Y. Lee

A Hybrid Dialogue Strategy for Speech-Enabled Mobile Commerce (455)
Y. Fan and E. A. Kendall

Mobile RFID Technology for Improving M-commerce
W. Zhu, D. Wang, and H. Sheng

12:25 - 13:30 Lunch at Conference Venue (Tsinghua School of Economics and Management)
13:30 - 15:10 Industry Track 1
Invited Talks
Chair: Hong Cai
Session 5
Chair: Elizabeth Kendall
  E-Government Challenges in China
K. Wang

Credit & Risk Management in Banks Today
D. Huang

Business Intelligence—A Case Study in Life Insurance Industry
Z. Xu, M. Zhang, and X. Jiang 
An Extended Petri net for Modeling Workflow with Critical Sections
Y. T. Kotb and A. S. Baumgart

Combination of RSS Newsfeeds and Forms for Driving Web-Based
D. Bourges-Waldegg and C. Hoertnagl

ARDE:A Novel Framework to Define Workflow Participants
Q. Deng, J. Liu, and Q. Zhang

Research on Workflow Process Structure Verification
H. Ling and J. B. Zhou
15:10 - 15:40 Coffee Break
15:40 - 17:20 Session 6
Business Analysis
Chair: Jinghua Huang
Session 7
IT Models
Chair: Yue-Shi Lee
Session 8
Recommender Systems
Chair: Daniel Rolli
Session 9
Data Mining
Chair: Martin Hepp
  The Sensitivity Study on Investment Expenditures and ICF
of the Listed Company in China IT Industry *
Y. Li, H. Yao, N. Li, and Q. Zhang

The Nexus between Information Technology and Competitive
Strategy:  A Conceptual Framework and its Hypotheses *
L. K. Huang, Y. J. Lin, and T. T. Lin

Comprehensive Evaluation of E-commerce Website Based
on Concordance Analysis *
J. Chang and G. Xia 

CRM Systems Used for Targeting Market: A Case at Cisco
System *
R. Bhaskar and Y. Zhang

Consistency Analysis of Interorganizational Processes Based
on Activity Diagrams *
Z. Yan

Quantitative Analysis of Enterprise’s Logistics Capability Based
on Supply Chain Performance *
X. Liu and S. Ma

A Model and Algorithm for Out-Sourcing Planning *
X. Liu, C. Wang, X. Luo, and D. Wang
Towards a Trust Model with Uncertainty for e-Commerce
G. Zhang, J. Kang, and R. He

E-business Software Architecture Based on Temporal ECA Rules and Actions Conflicts Management *
H. Wan and L. Li

Ontology-Based E-Catalog Matching for Integration of GDSN
and EPCglobal Network *
J. Z. Huang, F. Tang, Y. Ye, G. Huang, and M. Li

Research on Modeling Resources Based on Web Service Technologies in Manufacturing Grid *
S. Shi, H. Yang, R. Mo, Z. Chang, and Z. Chen

A Context-Aware Role-Based Access Control Model for Web Services *
H. B. Shen and F. Hong

Adding Physical Optimization to Cost Models in Information Mediators *
J. Hidalgo, A. Pan, J. Losada, and M. Álvarez
Community Cooperation in Recommender Systems
A. Desmarais-Frantz and E. Aїmeur

Context Enabled Multi-CBR Based Recommendation Engine for
Prashant K., Srividya G., and Sridhar V

Personalized E-commerce Recommendations
P. Markellou, I. Mousourouli, S. Sirmakessis, and A. Tsakalidis

Efficient Content Locating in Peer-to-Peer Systems *
H. Chen, Z. Huang, and Z. Gong
Design and Implementation of Commerce Data Mining System
Based on Rough Set Theory
Y. Xiang, W. Wu, H. Mao, and Q. Song 

An Integrated Rule-based and Case-Based Reasoning System for Customer
Service Management
L. An, J. Yan, and L. Tong

An Efficient Incremental Algorithm for Mining Web Traversal Patterns
S.-J. Yen, Y.-S. Lee, and M.-C. Hsieh

Improving Associative Classification by Incorporating Novel
Interestingness Measures
L. Yu,  D. Janssens, G. Q. Chen, and G. Wets
18:30 - 20:30 Reception at Conference Hotel (Tsinghua Unisplendour International Center)
20:30 - 21:30 Tour of Tiananmen Square and Vicinity
Oct. 19 08:45 - 10:00 Keynote 2
E-Government and the CROWN Project
Jinpeng Huai
Chair: Lionel Ni
10:00 - 10:15 Web Services Challenge Report
10:15 - 10:45  Coffee Break
10:45 - 12:25 Session 10
Business Performance Management
Chair: Qiang Wei
Session 11
Content Retrieval
Chair: Xiaoying Kong
Industry Track 2
e-Business Innovations
Chair: Min Wang
Session 12
Theoretical Foundations of e-Business
Chair: William Song
  A Hybrid Approach for Dynamic Business Process Mining Based
on Reconfigurable Nets and Event Types
N. Li, J. Kang, and W. Lv

Model-Driven Business Performance Management
L. Zeng, H. Lei, M. Dikun, H. Chang, K. Bhaskaran, and J. Frank

Measurement-Based Performance Analysis of E-commerce Applications
with Web Services Components
V. Datla and K. Goševa-Popstojanova

Policy Specification and Matching for Business Performance
J.-J. Jeng

Extraction of Keyterms by Simple Text Mining for Business Information Retrieval
X. Gao, S. Murugesan, and B. Lo

Efficient Content Location Based On Interest-Cluster in Peer-to-Peer System
X. Tong, D. Zhang, and Z. Yang

CRANAI: A New Search Model Reinforced by Combining a Ranking Algorithm with Author Inputs
J. Lai and B. Soh

A Hierarchical Nonparametric Discriminant Analysis Approach
for a Content-Based Image Retrieval System
K.-P. Chung and C. C. Fung

Enhancing Web Services Availability
M. Thomas, J. Thomas, and S. Abraham

A Model-Driven Approach to RFID Application Programming
and Infrastructure Management
H. Chen, P. B. Chou, S. Duri, J. G. Elliott, J. M. Reason, and D. C. Wong

Supporting Organizational E-learning
I. Douglas

An Administration Model of DRBAC on the Web
Q. Li, J. Shi, and S. Qing

Using Resource and Portfolio Management Solution to Align IT
Investment with Business
R. Cao, W. Ding, and C. Tian
An Efficient, Low-Cost Inconsistency Detection Framework for Data
and Service Sharing in an Internet Scale System
Y. Lu, H. Jiang, and D. Feng

A Study of Signaling Game and its Bayesian Equilibrium in CRM
Q. J. Yin and R. C. Gan

Sweep Based Multiple Ant Colonies Algorithm for Capacitated Vehicle
Routing Problem
Z. Liu and Y. Cai

QoS Measurement Issues with DAML-QoS Ontology
C. Zhou, L.-T. Chia, and B.-S. Lee
12:25 - 13:30 Lunch at Conference Venue (Tsinghua School of Economics and Management)
13:30 - 15:10 Session 13
Location-Based Services
Chair: Lu Liu
Session 14
Grid and Peer-to-Peer
Chair: Jackson He
Session 15
Business Transformation
Chair: Steven Miller
Session 16
Data Access
Chair: Althea Qianhui Liang
  Integration of Telematics for Efficient Management of Carrier
A. Goel and V Gruhn

Humancentric Applications of Precise Location Based Services
L. Perusco and K. Michael

Location Aware Messaging-Integrating LBS Middleware
and Converged Services
Y. Chen, W. Lu, X. Chen, L. Tang, F. Rao, Q. Wang, and L. Zhang

A Locating Method for WLAN Based Location Service
V. Lang and C. Gu
GridPML: A Process Modeling Language and History Capture System  for Grid Service Composition
H. Ma, S. D. Urban, Y. Xiao, and S. W. Dietrich

S-Club: An Overlay Based Efficient Service Discovery Mechanism in CROWN Grid
C. Hu, Y. Zhu, J. Huai, and Y. Liu

A New Micro-payment Protocol Based on P2P Networks
J. Zou, T. Si, L. Huang, and Y. Dai

A Gateway Replication Scheme for Improving the Reliability
of Mobile-to-Grid Services
T. M. Trung, Y-H. Moon, C-H. Youn, J-J. Cho, and S-J. Jeong
E-commerce Success Factors: Exploratory and Empirical Research
on the Chinese Publishing Industry
J. Huang, H. Wang, and C. Zhao

Business Component Identification of Enterprise Information System:  A Hierarchical Clustering Method
F-C. Meng, D-C. Zhan, and Z-F. Xu

Reliable and Efficient Communication Model of Migrating Instance
to Enable Self-Organization of Dynamic Alliance
Z. Lu, G. Zeng, and G. Yang

Capacity Allocation for Business Processes with QoS Requirements: A Heavy Traffic Approach
P. Huang

Optimizing Path Expression Queries of XML Data
Y. Li, P. Yi, and Q. Li

Update of Materialized WebView
B. Zhang, Z. Sun, and W. Jin

Research of Semantic Caching for LDQ in Mobile Network
Z. Li, P. He, and M. Lei

Frequency Operators for Condensative Queries over Data Streams
L. Ma and W. Nutt
15:10 - 15:40 Coffee Break
15:40 - 17:20 Session 17
Business Processes and Services
Chair: Lance Fung
Session 18
Data Adaptation and Integration
Chair: Ying Huang
Session 19
Service Selection and Composition
Chair: Liangzhao Zeng
Session 20
e-Commerce Enablement
Chair: David Flaxer
  Correctness Verification of Synchronization Based Workflow
Model *
J. Cai, W. Zhao, S. Zhang, and L. Wang

Adoption of Mobile Services in Business-Case Study of Mobile
P. Alahuhta, H. Helaakoski, and A. Smirnov

HRIC: Hybrid Resource Information Service Architecture Based
on GMA *
H.  Zou, H. Jin, Z.  Han, X. Shi, and H. Chen

A Petri Net Extended With Stochastic Priced Transition *
X. M. Liu, S. X. Li, and Y. Jiang 

A Web-based PLM System Research and Implementation in a Collaborative Product Development Environment *
H-Y. Li , X. Liu , G-Q. Feng, and  C-E. Wang

Public RFID Service Platform Based on ASP Model *
J. Wu, D. Wang, and H. Sheng

Semantic Business Process Management:  A Vision towards Using
Semantic Web Services for Business Process Management *
M. Hepp, F. Leymann, J. Domingue, A. Wahler, and D. Fensel 

A Quantitative Analysis of eCl@ss, UNSPSC, eOTD, and RNTD: Content, Coverage, and Maintenance
M. Hepp, J. Leukel, and V. Schmitz

An Intelligent Event Adaptation Mechanism for Business
Performance Monitoring
S. S. Fu, T. C. Chieu, J.-S. Yih, and S. Kumaran

Managing E-Commerce Catalogs in a DBMS with Native
XML Support
L. Lim and M. Wang

Data Partitioning over Data Streams Based on Change-Aware
Sampling *
Y. Wang, H. Xu, Y. Dong, C X. Liu, and J. Qian

Dempster-Shafer Evidence Theory of Information Fusion Based on Info-evolutionary Value for E-business with Continuous Improvement *
Z. Yu, Y. Tian, and B. Xi

A Rumor-Spreading Model of Service Advertisement Forwarding in
Decentralized E-commerce *
D. Zhang, F. Gao, and Z. Yang

FECT: A Framework for Automatic Composition of Web
Services *
L. Hou, Z. Jin, and B. Wu

Web-based Application Services Composition for e-Business *
Y. Mei, Z-C. Chen, and F. Zhang

Web Service Composition Using Integer Programming-Based
Models *
A. Gao, D. Yang, S. Tang, and M. Zhang

Web Services Automatic Composition Based on QoS *
J. Liu, N. Gu, Y. Zong, Z. Ding, S. Zhang, and Q. Zhang

Combining QoS-Based Service Selection with Performance
Prediction *
Z. Gao and G. Wu

eDSR: A Decentralized Service Registry for e-Commerce *
Y. Li, X. Huang, F. Zou, and F. Ma
Towards Semantic Service Request of Web Service Composition
Q. A. Liang, J.-Y. Chung, and S. Miller

A Lightweight Mutual Authentication Protocol for RFID
Z. Luo, T. Chan, and J. S. Li

Internet Pricing with Multiple Demands for Quality of Service
Option *
G. Zhang and Z. Liu

Stochastic Inventory Routing Problem under B2C
E-commerce *
B. Xie, S. An, and J. Wang

Prediction of the Running Time of Tasks Based on Load *
J. Yuan, S. Ding, J. Ju, and L. Hu

A System Model and Protocol for Mobile Payment *
J. Liu, J. Liao, and X. Zhu

17:20 - 18:30 Tsinghua Campus Tour
18:30 - 21:00 Conference Banquet (Tsinghua Campus Restaurant)
Keynote 3
Can Agent Systems Deliver?
Marcin Paprzycki
Chair: Jen-Yao Chung
Oct. 20 08:45 - 09:00
Program Announcement
09:00 - 10:15 Keynote 4
Solutions Innovation, Solutions Engineering for Industry Solutions
Catherine Lasser
Chair: James Yeh
10:15 - 10:45 Coffee Break
10:45 - 12:25

Session 21
Business Integration
Chair: Ian Douglas

Session 22
Web Services
Chair: Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova
Sessio 23
Linking Business and IT
Chair: Han Chen
Industry Track 3
Case Studies
Chair: Zhong Tian
  Supporting Development and Evolution of Service-Based
M. Henkel and J. Zdravkovic

A Novel Approach for Enacting the Distributed Business Workflows
Using BPEL4WS on the Multi-agent Platform
L. Guo, D. Robertson, and Y.-H. Chen-Burger

Enterprise Integration and Monitoring Solution Using Active Shared
P. Chowdhary, L. An, J.-J. Jeng, and S.-K. Chen

A Framework for Service-Oriented Business Integration under
Y. Huang, Y. Li, and K-M. Chao
Quality Driven Web Services Selection
J. Hu, C. Guo, H. Wang, and P. Zou

A Web Services Provisioning Optimization Model in a Web Services Community
Z. Luo and J. S. Li

Business Integration Models in the Context of Web Services
W. Song, D. Chen, and J-Y. Chung

Venture Firms Value Analysis: A Control Rights Allocation Model
S. An, J. Wang, Z. Zhao, and  L. He

Research on an Intelligent On-Line Negotiation System
Y. L. Fei and G. M. Wang

Mass Customization Model in Cluster Supply Chain Based on 2P&2BP
J. Li and C. Liu

Who Are the Target Customers in Chinese Online Game Market? Segmentation with a Two-Step Approach
S. C. Lee, J.-Y. Xiang, and L.-B. Jing
Portals at BNP Paribas: A Brief Testimony
M. Idelson

Refining Production Strategy Optimization Model Based
on Mixed Bi-level Programming Method
W. Wang, W. Mei, Q. Zhang, and Z-F. Li

Using a Component Business Model to Facilitate Business Enterprise
Architecture and Business Services at the US Department of Defense
D. Flaxer, A. Nigam, and J. Vergo

Study and Applications of Data Mining to the Structure Risk Analysis
of Customs Declaration Cargo
Y. Li and L. Sun

Proactive Business Performance Management in the Book Distribution Industry
K. Fujiwara, A. Koide, and M. Saitoh
12:25 - 12:40 Closing
12:40 - 13:40 Lunch at Conference Venue (Tsinghua School of Economics and Management)
13:40 - 21:00 Tour of the Great Wall and Closing Dinner
Social Functions Keynote Paper session