APBC 2007 Final Paper Preparation

The deadline for the final version submission is Oct. 8, 2006. Papers should be no more than 10 pages in length (80US$ charge for each extra page), all-inclusive -- title, addresses, abstract, text, figures, tables, and references, conforming to the formatting instructions for the series Advances in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology. Here are the templates for latex2e and word.

Please zip and send ALL source files as well as a pdf file for the final version to liuxw@cs.cityu.edu.hk with subject "APBC Final Version Paper ID". Paper ID here should be your accepted paper number.

Please use the following way to name your files:
Use always 8 characters plus an extension (apbcNNNC.XXX). apbc is a fixed string. NNN is your submission paper number. To distinguish several files of the same type (e.g., EPS files) use characters a, b, c,... in the field C. XXX identifies the file type (tex, ps, etc.). For example, the files in a final submission could be named apbc009a.tex, apbc009a.dvi, apbc009a.ps, apbc009a.eps, apbc009b.eps, and apbc009c.eps.