Accepted Posters

apbc001 Computational Identification of Regulatory Elements in Silico Vinay Kumar Singh, Sree Krishna ch. and Soma Marla
apbc002 Studying the Genetic Diversity in Tetraploid Cotton Cultivars (Gossypium Hirsutum) by using Cytogenetic and RAPD Characteristics Masoud Sheidai, Zahra Hawali Shahriari
apbc003 Effectivity of Internal Validation Techniques for Gene Clustering Chunmei Yang, Baikun Wan, Xiaofeng Gao
apbc004 Distinct Alleles of MBL and SP-A in Patients of Chronic Cavitary Pulmonary Aspergillosis and Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis Mudit Vaid, Savneet Kaur, Helen Sambatakou, Taruna Madan, David W Denning, P. Usha Sarma.
apbc005 Bioengineering: A DNA Encoding Technology with Bioinformatics Analysis to Application of Linear Mechanics Systems Quan-Fang Wang
apbc006 Side-Chain and Backbone Ordering in Homopolymers Yanjie Wei, Walter Nadler, Ulrich H. E. Hansmann
apbc007 Discovering Progressive High-Order Patterns in Biosequences David K.Y. Chiu and Thomas W.H. Lui
apbc008 Surface Accessibility of Post-Translational Modifications and Protein-Protein Interactivity CNI Pang, A Hayen, MR Wilkins
apbc009 Structural and Functional Characteristics of the Promoter Regions of the Genes on Human Chromosome 22 Guang Bin Liu
apbc010 BayesMD: Flexible Biological Modelling for Motif Discovery Ole Winther, Man-Hung Eric Tang, Anders Krogh
apbc011 Cytochrome P450 Structures – A Phylogenetic Analysis Gowri Shankar B.A, Michael Charleston, Michael Murray and David Hibbs
apbc012 Characterization and Prediction of the Antioxidant Response Elements AY Chou, PJ Sudmant, WW Wasserman
apbc013 DP-Bind: Sequence-Based Application of Multiple Machine Learning Methods to Predict DNA-Binding Sites in DNA-Binding Proteins IB Kuznetsov, Z Gou, S Hwang
apbc014 Prediction of Human Mitochondrial Proteins using SVM and Neural Network Zhong Huang
apbc015 Phenotypic-Specific Gene Module Discovery using a Diagnostic Tree and caBIG(tm) VISDA Yitan Zhu, Zuyi Wang, Yuanjian Feng, Jianhua Xuan, David J. Miller, Eric P. Hoffman, and Yue Wang
apbc016 Confirmation of the Existence of CRISPRs in Microbial Genomes by BLAST MCJ Ma, SK Ng, H Xue
apbc017 Multi-Class Combination of Microarray Data: From Data Preprocessing to Functional Aspects YY Leung, CQ Chang, YS Hung
apbc018 Dynamical and Structural Studies of Amyloid Formation: A Discrete Molecular Dynamics Simulation Perspective Chiu Fan Lee and James Loken
apbc019 Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks from Time-Series Gene Expression Data using Recurrent Neural Networks and Swarm Intelligence Yuji Zhang
apbc020 Sat DNA Analyzer, the First Computing Solution for Satellite-DNA Evolutionary Analysis R Navajas-Pérez, M Ruiz Rejón , MA Garrido Ramos, JL Aznarte, C Rubio Escudero
apbc021 Differential Evolutionary Conservation of Motif Modes in the Yeast Protein Interaction Network Wei-Po Lee,  Tun-Wen Pai and Wen-Shyong Tzou
apbc022 Motifcombinator: A Web Tool to Search for Combinations of Cis-Regulatory Motifs M Kato, T Tsunoda
apbc023 Nonparametric Tests of Association uf Multiple Genes with Qualitative and Quantitative Phenotypes based on Data-Adaptive U-Statistics Zhi Wei, Mingyao Li, Hongzhe Li
apbc024 Dependence Among Sites in RNA Evolution Jiaye Yu, Jeffrey L. Thorne
apbc025 Prediction of Protein Secondary Structure based on Residue Pair Types and Conformational States using Dynamic Programming Algorithm Sahar Partoa, Mehdi Sadeghib , Bijan Ranjbara, Shahriar Arab
apbc026 Novel Tag SNP Selection Strategy that Incorporates Functional Information and Genotyping Assay Failure Rates J.S.H. Kwan, P.C. Sham
apbc027 Genome-Scale Prediction of Protein Subcellular Location in Gram-Positive Bacteria M Zhou, J Boekhorst, C Francke, RJ Siezen
apbc028 Combining Structure Mining and Text Mining for Functional Annotation of Proteins K Au-Yeung, D Rebholz-Schuhmann, K Henrick, TJ Oldfield
apbc029 What You Should Know About R2 When Selecting Tagsnp by Linkage Disequilibrium? The Sampling Error of R2 and the Use of Confident Interval for tagSNP Selection Nelson LS Tang
apbc030 Mapping of Genetic Modifer of Congenital Heart Defects in Type IIa Procollagen Deficient Mice PLF Tang, KSE Cheah, YQ Song
apbc031 MIBDQC, A Knowledge Base Implemented using the Entity-Attribute-Value Model for Quality Control of Botanical Drug Products Charlie Chang Liu, Kei Cheung, Tommy Yungchi Cheng, Allan Sik-Yin Lau, Paul Kwong-Hang Tam
apbc032 iCartiGD: The Integrated Cartilage Gene Database Ming Yiu Yeung, David K. Smith, Matthew S.Y. Chan, Brian C. Wong, Kenneth M.C. Cheung, Kathryn S.E. Cheah, Pak Sham, Danny Chan, You-Qiang Song
apbc033 A Fuzzy Neural Network Algorithm for Pharmacogenomics Studies Eugene Lin, Yuchi Hwang
apbc034 A Predictive Model for Macrophage-Specific Genomic Regulatory Regions  Ying Sheng, Boris Lenhard
apbc035 SplitsTree4- A Program for Computing and Exploring Phylogenetic Networks & Trees Daniel  H. Huson
apbc036 Genome Halving with an Outgroup Chunfang Zheng, Qian Zhu
apbc037 Relative Roles of PAK4 Kinase Activity and PAK4-Integrin Binding for Promotion of Cell Motility Zhilun Li, Hongquan Zhang, John Lock, Steffen Teller, Yajuan Liu and Staffan Strömblad
apbc038 Global Topological Properties of the Integral Membrane Protein Interactome in Yeast Kelvin Xi Zhang and B. F. Francis Ouellette
apbc039 Predicting Protein-Protein Interactions using Fuzzy Inference Approach Xuejian Xiong, Kevin Breitkreuz, Mike Tyers
apbc040 Large-Scale Comparative Genomic Analyses of Cytoplasmic Membrane Transport Systems in Prokaryotes Qinghu Ren, Kaixi Chen and Ian T. Paulsen
apbc041 Understanding Temporal Regulation of Inorganic Phosphate Signaling, Transcriptome, and Proteome in Osteoblast in a Time-Course Study M Yi, CE Camalier, DA Lucas, LR Yu, TD Veenstra, TP Conrads, GRBeck,and RM Stephens
apbc042 Enrichment Analysis Method Seeking the “Common” and “Unique” Pathways as the Underlying Biological Themes using Multiple High-Throughput Datasets M Yi, and RM Stephens
apbc043 A Projection and Search Algorithm for the Bicluster Problem Feng Liu, Xiaowen Liu, Hui Fan, Qingsong Xie
apbc044 Gene-Gene Interactions for Asthma and Plasma Total IgE Concentration in Chinese Children by using Multifactor-Dimensionality Reduction (Mdr) Method IHS Chan, TF Leung, NLS Tang, CY Li, YM Sung, GWK Wong, CK Wong and CWK Lam
apbc045 Osmotic Stress Response Gene Mining System in Plant Genomes Yong Li, Yanming Zhu, and Dianjing Guo
apbc046 Genome Strategy for Recognition Sites of Restriction Enzymes Ken Yamakura, Yoko Shinbo, Md.Altaf-Ul-Amin, Ken Kurokawa, Shigehiko Kanaya
apbc047 Experimental Design for Time-Series Microarray Analysis Hiroki Takahashi, Ryosuke Ito, Taku Oshima, Naotake Ogasawara, Md. Altaf-Ul-Amin, Shigehiko Kanaya and Ken Kurokawa
apbc048  Integrated Analyses of Genechip Data in Arabidopsis Thaliana Masayoshi Wada, Munehide Itoyama, Md. Altaf-Ul-Amin, Yukio Nakagawa, Ken Kurokawa, Shigehiko Kanaya
apbc049 Species-Metabolite Database (KNAoSAcK): Elucidating Diversity of Flavonoids Shun-ichi Sakaguchi, Yoko Shinbo, Yukiko Nakamura, Md. Altaf-Ul-Amin, Ken Kurokawa, Toshiaki, Tokimatsu, Masahiro Arita, Kimito Funatsu, Shigehiko Kanaya
apbc050 Detection of Transcription Units based on Integration of Non-Targeted Analyses Hirokazu Kobayashi, Joe Akitomi, Nobuyuki Fujii, Md Altaf-Ul-Amin, Ken Kurokawa, Kazuo Kobayashi, Naotaka Ogasawara, Shigehiko Kanaya
apbc051 Developing Algorithm for Visualizing Orthologous Gene Clusters having Common Domains Misako Arai, Yoko Shinbo, Md. Altaf-Ul-Amin, Shigehiko Kanaya, Ken Kurokawa
apbc052 Identification of Molecular Chaperones and Glycolytic Enzymes Involved in Enhanced Production of Recombinant Antibody: Proteomic Studies K Lee, HT Lee, H Im, DH Kim, DJ Oh
apbc053 Applications of Domain-Domain Interaction in Pathways Study  Hsueh-Chuan Liu, Chien-Hung Huang, J.F Tsai, Ka-Lok Ng
apbc054 Predicting Putative Human Mirna Precursor Candidates Associated with Promoter Regions and Cpg Islands  Ming-Cheng Tsai, Ka-Lok Ng 
apbc055 Protein Hierarchical Selection: An Information Portal for Multiple Protein Structural Alignment Tun-Wen Pai, Jian-Ming Chen, Bo-Han Su, Margaret Dah-Tsyr Chang, Hao-Teng Chang, Wei-I Chou
apbc056 Linkage Analysis on Familial Early-Onset Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) Daniel W.H. Ho, Kenneth M.C. Cheung, Danny Chan, Jaro Karppinen, SP Yip, Jurg Ott, Keith D.K. Luk, John C.Y. Leong, Kathryn S.E. Cheah, Pak Sham and You-Qiang Song
apbc057 Discrimination of Beta-Barrel Membrane Proteins using Machine Learning Techniques M. Michael Gromiha and Makiko Suwa
apbc058 Mathematical Modeling of Molecular Genetic Processes Involved in Regulation of E. Coli Respiration AV Ratushny,
TM Khlebodarova ,
VA Likhoshvai
apbc059 Identification of Regulatory Gene Module Composite by Lalent Variable Modeling and nICA   Ting Gong, Yitan Zhu, Jianhua Xuan, Huai Li, Chen Wang, Robert Clarke, Eric P. Hoffman, Yue Wang 
apbc060 Modelling the Distribution of Gene Expressions using Stable Distributions Salas-Gonzalez D, Kuruoglu E, Ruiz DP
apbc061 Computational Prediction of
Cis-Regulatory Modules in Human Genome
KL Mok, FYL Chin,
DK Smith, PC Sham,
KSE Cheah
apbc062 Harmonization of Val-tRNA Synthetase Tree with Non-Tree Evidence for an Archael Root of Life J Chen, FWK Mat, H Xue and JTF Wong 
apbc063 Low-Resolution Structural Genomics by Structure Prediction and Filtering of Decoys using Sparse Experimental Data JM Bujnicki, MJ Gajda,
J Kosinski, A Obarska,
M Feder, AA Chmiel,
S Pawlak, IA Cymerman,
KJ Skowronek
apbc064 Characterization of Developmental Genes Through Genomic Annotation of 5,534 Non-Redundant ESTs Isolated from Early Gestation Human Eyes CP Pang, KW Choy,
CC Wang, A Ogura,
DSC Lam, K Ikeo,
T Gojobori
apbc065 Complement Factor H Polymorphisms in Chinese Population with Age-Related Macular Degeneration POS Tam, LJ Chen, CP Pang
apbc066 Mapping the Myopia Genes CY Lam and CP Pang
apbc067 Association Between High Myopia and Polymorphisms in PAX6 Promoter and Coding Regions KP Chan, CY Lam,
POS Tam, SWYChiang,
CP Pang
apbc068 SNPs and Interaction Analysis of the RHO and RP1 Genes in Retinitis Pigmentosa Patients SWY Chiang, CP Pang, DYWang, KKLChong, WM Chan, POSTam, DSC Lam
apbc069 Identification and Characterization of Novel Transcription Factor Binding Motif in the Promoter of Human Ribonuclease Hsiu-Yiu Wang, Tun-Wen Pai, Hao-Teng Chang, Yuan-Hon Lee, Yen-Shin Chang, Tan-chi Fan, Shu-Chuan Lin, Margaret Dah-Tsyr Chang
apbc070 Computational Drug Repositioning and Side Effect Prediction for Kinase Inhibitors YY Li, J An, SJM Jones
apbc071 Local Optima Resistant Gibbs Sampling Methods for Motif Discovery Realized by an Improved Annealing K Shida
apbc072 A Novel Approach for Anterior Chamber Angle Analysis – Anterior Chamber Angle Detection with Edge Measurement and Identification Algorithm (ACADEMIA) CYL Cheung, CKS Leung, CKF Yiu, CP Pang, DSC Lam
apbc073 Over-Representation Pattern of SNPs in the Genome of Restless Legs Syndrome Samples MX Li, LJiang, YQSong,
SL Ho, P Sham
apbc074 Molecular Phylogeny of the Genus Ceropegia S Surveswaran, M Sun,
H Corke  
apbc075 Sequence Analysis of Nucleocalpsid Gene of Indian Isolate of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus

M. Kaul, M. Kadam,
A.K. Tiwari, Y.P.S Malik

apbc076 Development and Improvement of a Prototype System for the Inference of Genetic Networks based on Genetic Programming Kouji Tanaka, Yutaka Akiyama, Hayato Yamana
apbc077 A Genetic Algorithm for Consensus RNA Secondary Structure Prediction based on Base-Pairing Probability Matrices  A Taneda
apbc078 Characterisation of Two Evolutionary and Functional Distinct Subpopulations of Genes with Promoter CpG Island  SM Tang, YZ Zhao, RJ Epstein
apbc079 The Association of SNP of Apolipoprotein Exon-4 with primary Open Angle Glaucoma CSL Lau, YJ Hu
apbc080 Prevalence and Distribution of WDR36 Variants in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma Patients HF Yam, DY Wang, BJ Fan, KW Charles, DYL Leung,
CY Cheng, POS Tam,
DSC Lam, CP Pang
apbc081 Genomic Investigation of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma TK Ng, CP Pang
apbc082 Fifteen Candidate Genes Analysis in a Chinese Family with Congenital Posterior Polar Cataract KSA Lee, LY Zhang,
POS Tam, DSP Fan,
DSC Lam, CP Pang
apbc083 Two Novel Missense Mutations of Crystalline Genes Caused Autosomal Dominant Congenital Cataract LY Zhang, POS Tam, DSP Fan, CKS Leung, DSC Lam, CP Pang
apbc084 Genome-Wide Study Reveals the Signaling Pathways Modulated by Gold-1a Treatment in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Gloria Hoi-Yee Li, Ching Tung Lum, Raymond Wai-Yin Sun, Samuel Sai-Ming Ng, David K. Smith, Siu Ming Yiu, Chi-Ming Che, Marie C.M. Lin
apbc085 Comparative Analysis of Alternative Splicing Events in the Human, Mouse and Rat C.J. Chen, Fang Rong Hsu, Wei-Chung Shia
apbc088 Distribution of Highly Conserved Non-Coding Elements (HCNEs) in Danio Rerio Xianjun Dong, Altuna Akalin, Boris Lenhard
apbc089 A Guided Sampling Algorithm for Identifying Network Motifs in a Transcription Regulatory Network Raymond Wan, Nelson Hayes, Susumu Goto and Hiroshi Mamitsuka
apbc091 Experiments on Fitting Protein Chains To Lattices Dallas Thomas, Ján Maňuch, Daya Gaur
apbc092 Using Position Specific Scoring Matrices to Improve the Prediction Performance of Protein Subnuclear Localization Guan-Hau Chen, Su-An Chen, and Yu-Yen Ou
apbc093 TodGRID: Development of a Database Grid Targeting for Translational Genomics and Proteomics Research John Phan, Todd Stokes, May D. Wang
apbc094 Baseline Removal and Peak Identification in the Mass Spectrometry based Proteomics Research Tao Ma, Chang-feng Quo, May D. Wang
apbc095 Analysis of Alternative Splicing in Plant Genomes based on Clustering of Full-Length cDNAs SK Chang, YT Chao, RS Liu, SY Chen
apbc096 Reduction of Noise in Microarray Gene Expression Data Originated from the Microarray Scanner Jungeun Yang, Hye Young Kim, Jin Hyuk Kim, Yong Sung Lee
apbc097 Suggestion of Method for Inference of Genetic Network using cDNA Microarray Gene Expression Data Hye Young Kim, Jin Il Han, Yong Sung Lee, Jin Hyuk Kim
apbc098 Investigation of Information Flow Through Genetic Network from Large Gene Expression Data Min Jung Kim, Bo Kyung Kim, Yong Sung Lee, Jin Hyuk Kim
apbc099 In Silico Reconstruction and Comparison of Flavour-Forming Pathways in Lactic Acid Bacteria MJ Liu, RJ Siezen
apbc100 Molecular Clocks in Virus Evolution: Is Synonymous Clock Homogenous in a Genome? Tsan-Yuk Lam, Chung-Chau Hon, Zhenggang Wang, Frederick C.C. Leung
apbc101 Investigating Epistasis in Degenerative Disc Disease P.Y.P. Kao, D. Chan, K.M.C. Cheung, K.S.E. Cheah, P.C. Sham, Y.Q. Song
apbc102 Gene and Protein Expression Profiles of the Intervertebral Disc: In Health and Disease Anita F.Y. Yee, Mauro Alini, Ian Melhado, Kathryn S.E. Cheah, Kenneth M.C. Cheung and Danny Chan
apbc103 Evolutionary Insights into the Ecology of Coronaviruses D Vijaykrishna, GJD Smith, JX Zhang, JSM Peiris, H Chen , Y Guan
apbc104 The Anti-Angiogenic Signaling Network of rAAV-HGFK1 Wing Sze Leung, Zan Shen, Siu Ming Yiu, Hsiang Fu Kung, Marie C.M. Lin
apbc105 Genomic Analysis of Early Response Induced by Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Human Hepatoma HepAD38 Cells William Ka-Chun Cheung, Ming-Liang He, Hsiang-Fu Kung and Marie C.M. Lin
apbc106 Genetic Characterization and Diversity of Iranian Olive Cultivars by using Microsatellite Markers     Zahra Normohammadi, Angjelina Belaj, Isabel Trujillo, Luic Rallo Romero, Majid Sadeghizadeh, Mehdi Hosseini-Mazinani
apbc107 Specificity Prediction of PDZ Domain using Kernel based Machine Learning Jinho Kim, Jaeseong Yang, Jongkyung Kim, Seungjin Choi, Sanguk Kim
apbc108 Assessing Limitations of Gene Regulatory Network Inference Methods JWK Ho, MA Charleston
apbc109 The Challenges and Strategies for Computational Mass Spectrometry Ruixiang Sun
apbc110 Study of S and Z Allele Frequencies of Alpha1-Antitrypsin in Healthy Subjects in Iranian Population Bahman GH Goudarzi, Abbas S. Lotfi, Abbas Zare M., Seyed A. Mesbah-Namin, and Roya Bagherian
apbc111 Bioinformatics Analysis and Identification of non-Synonymous SNPs in Candidate Genes for Ascites Limei Han and M.A.M. Groenen
apbc112 PyCOGENT: A Comprehensive Toolkit For Comparative Genomic Data Analysis P Maxwell, R Knight, J Widmann, M Wakefield, S Smit, B Easton, Z Liu, R Sammut, C Lozupone, M Hamady, S Wilson, JG Caporaso, A Birmingham, and GA Huttley